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Marcelino Cortés was a master craftsman, painter, sculptor and artist from Angeles in Utuado, Puerto Rico.  The successors of Marcelino Cortés are many and are scattered throughout Puerto Rico, the United States and around the world.  The Marcelino Cortés webpage is intended both to honor a great man and artist as well as to keep our widespread family communicating, sharing and above all keeping our youngsters interested in their ancestry, heritage and culture.  If you have anything to add to this page or any page on this website, please contact me at

Although there is quite a bit of information about my grandfather, Marcelino Cortés, there is very little information about our other ancestors.  I remember asking my father, Cristobal Cortés, on several occasions about our ancestors and he could barely remember their names.  The problem being that his grandparents passed away when he was very young and so he had very little recollection of them.  He did tell me that he remembered his grandfather, Sebastian Cortés as being very tall.  However upon reflection I would think that any adult would look tall to a child.  I do remember him saying that Sebastian Cortés may have been a law magistrate or constable in those days, but he didn’t have much information about that.  He did not remember any information at all about his grandmother.  And speaking of grandmothers, currently I don’t have much information about my grandmother, Rumalda Custodio, either. 

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The problem for me is the same as the one my father had.  Both of my grandparents passed away either before I was born or shortly thereafter.  The picture on the right is of my grandmother Rumalda Custodio that she sent my father after he had immigrated to New York City in the late forty’s or early fifty’s.  Although I can tell you that she must have had the patience of a saint to put with the antics of the Cortés brothers, Salvador, Cristobal and Laureano.  The mischief that they got into made for great stories told by themselves every time the got together in later years.  I remember shortly before my father passed away we visited Tia Dalila in Vineland and an old friend of theirs was in town that weekend.  The stories they told had me in stitches for the entire weekend.  It is one of the most memorable times that I have because it gave my father and I time to bond after so many years.


As for other family members, other than Tia Dalila and Tia Lucy I have don’t have much recollection because I never saw my Tio Salvador and Tio Laureano I saw when I was a very young child.  All three brothers had immigrated to New York City, however Tio Salvador returned to Puerto Rico and lived in Utuado for the rest of his life.  Tio Laureano was a long time resident of New York City and is now retired in Tampa, Florida.  My father, moved from New York City to Vineland, New Jersey to be closer to his sisters and we lived there for a few years in the mid-sixty’s but then at my mother insistence we moved to Buffalo, New York so she could be closer to her sister, Florence.  As for cousins, I have many first, second and third cousins on both my paternal and maternal side, of which I know very few.  I am hoping that this website will bring us closer together and that they can provide me with more info, articles and pictures so that we can all share in our ancestry, heritage and culture.

Marcelino Cortés
1895 - 1958